4 Steps To Creative Home Decor Accessories

If youre even moderately into interior design, chances are that youve heard of wall stamps, sometimes referred to as wall words, or wall lettering. If youre not familiar with wall stamps, youre going to be pleasantly amazed at how versatile, elegant, and inexpensive wall stamps are. Youll also be amazed at all the different ways you can use wall stamps to create dcor for your home. In fact, vinyl wall stamps are the most versatile medium to enter the interior design industry in the last 10 years. There are so many ways to use wall stamps to create custom dcor that we cant possibly tell you about all of them, but we can show you a few of the most popular ways to use wall stamps in your dcor.

Wall Stamps are literally letters, logos, graphics, and shapes made from adhesive vinyl. The vinyl has a sticky back that adheres to the walls in your home, mirrors, wooden plaques, or basically any other hard, non-porous material. When properly installed, it can last for years, or for minutes, whichever you prefer. You can remove it whenever you want without damaging your walls. Better yet, there are just so many dcor related uses for wall stamps vinyl lettering, that we’ve decided to touch on a few of them.

Wall lettering is possibly the most popular way to use walls stamps for home dcor. You can use the vinyl lettering, which is available in a lot of different fonts, colors, and sizes to add a hand painted stenciled look to your walls. While the wall lettering does look hand painted, its easy to install, with no mess, and isnt permanent ” it can be removed whenever youd like, no repainting, and no damaged walls. Furthermore, most online retailers, such as Wall Stamps, let you choose from either pre-designed lettering kits, or allow you to create your own custom lettering with your choice of the saying, size, font, and color.

Another popular way to utilize the vinyl in your home dcor is your childrens bedrooms, nurseries, and play areas. With fun shapes and graphics available in a number of colors, shapes, and sizes, there is virtually NO LIMIT to what you can create. Easily decorate a nursery by having wall lettering created to create a border with a favorite childrens song, or put a large tree on the wall of your childs room. Your options are truly endless because of all the custom options available. If you can imagine it, you can create it with Wall Stamps.

A common concern we hear when helping renters design a room is that they cant make a lot of drastic changes, such as painting, because their landlord doesnt permit it. Furthermore, many renters dont want to spend money decorating walls with lettering that theyll eventually have to peel off and leave. However, a solution to this dilemma is to use the wall stamps lettering to create a custom home dcor sign, which can be taken with them when they move. Unlike wall lettering, decorative signs are portable, which is also why they make excellent wedding, or anniversary gifts.

Similar to decorative signs, decorative tiles are also another popular way to use vinyl in home dcor. Decorative tiles are simply tiles that are turned into custom plaques by adding some vinyl lettering to the tile. The tile is then transformed from a plain ceramic tile into a decorative work of art that will look great on an entry way table, counter top, fireplace mantle, or bedroom dresser. These also make great wedding presents, especially when customized with the newly married couples name and wedding date.

While there are limitless possibilities as far as design and vinyl lettering are concerned, weve shared a few of the more popular ways to use Wall Stamps vinyl in your home dcor projects. But, when push comes to shove, you can really create anything you can imagine with a little bit of vinyl and a touch of creativity.