A Green Kitchen Remideling Starting from Scratch

Getting Started

Where shall we begin? Have a plan. If you are going for a totally green kitchen look, then that means replacing appliances, countertops, flooring and possibly the windows as well.
See what you can salvage. In a green home, the name of the game is “reuse and recycle.” Instead of gutting the entire area, save the cabinetry if you can. Remove the doors but preserve the basic framework. If you plan to paint or re-stain them, consider a non-toxic paint stripper to prepare the cabinet surfaces for new life.
In the way of salvaging, turn that old farmhouse table into the new kitchen island. If you have enough space and have always wanted an island, use what you already have to fill that need. Strip the paint and then start fresh with whatever color or design will fit the new d├ęcor.

Green Kitchen Choices

Here are some ways that you can rebuild that kitchen from scratch.
1. Energy efficient windows – Your existing windows could be costing you money if they allow for air leaks or are not showing the numbers that you’d like to see regarding heat, sunlight and appearance. Check with your local home store to see what types of windows they carry in your price range and with energy efficient ratings.
2. Flooring – Remove the old flooring and replace it with natural linoleum or cork. Both are sustainable and can provide a beautiful appearance to your home. If using linoleum over vinyl be sure to seal the flooring to avoid deep down stains that are hard to remove.
3. Energy Star appliances – You can find them in most home stores these days. Look for the star to find lower energy costs and water usage. For your green kitchen, this includes dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators.
4. Replace certain fixtures – Install low flow faucets to reduce the amount of water waste.
5. Lighting – Where there are lighting fixtures, replace the bulbs with compact fluorescent lighting. It uses at least 50 percent less energy with a longer lifespan per bulb.
6. Countertops – They are the most used surface in the kitchen. Look for durable, sustainable options created from recycled materials.
Consider going green in your kitchen remodeling san diego. When you do it from scratch, the entire room is in tune with your eco-friendly lifestyle.