How to Choose a General Painting Contractor for Home Remodelling?

For homeowners, remodelling is inescapable part of being a homeowner. Every few years, millions of Americans turn to home remodelling services to give a new looks and feel to their houses. The reasons for remodelling are varied; some want to add comfort, some want a new looks because they have watched it on TV, some want to make space for their expanding family, and some want to keep up the Johns.

Painting is an essential part of most remodelling jobs. Whatever the job, a general painting contractor is usually indispensable. If you have been thinking of joining those millions of people, who remodel their houses after every few years, this article will help you. This article lists a few things you should look for in a general painting contractor, when you are hunting down a professional or a company to repaint your home.

Company history – This is the most important question you can ask – “How long have you been in business?” If you live in Los Angeles, ask your general painting contract in Los Angeles, CA, how long they have been in business. Their answer will be a demonstration of their expertise. Usually, more experienced contractors do a better job.

Customer service – You will have to notice it yourself. You can gauge responsiveness through various measures. Notice how quickly they respond when you call them. Also, make a note of the various ways you can contact them. Do they provide an email address? Or, are they still stuck in the age of snail mail? Communication is essential to quality service.

Certifications – It is advisable to ask for certifications. General painting contractors that care for their employees, are usually OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliant. They will also have a certificate of PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) compliance. The more certifications they have, the better suited they are for the job.

Office staff – Established general painting contractors usually have a dedicated and complete support office staff. The staff includes people to answer customer phone calls, emails, and people to make estimates. If the contractor is unable to provide you with a detailed proposal, he or she is probably not the right person to work with.

Technology – A quick look at the contractor’s tools will tell you a lot about their commitment to their profession. Committed contractors use the latest tools, if those tools help them in their work. If you cannot find new tools in the contractor’s repertoire, it is probably wise to look for another professional.